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Sascha Schlichtinger, Intern, Germany


My internship in Ireland is nearly coming to an end, and let me tell you, it has been one of the greatest times in my entire life. Everything worked the way I expected it, from the begin at the Airport until the host family and the North County Leader, where I worked. Everybody has been as friendly as possible to me and integrated me into their everyday system, which is a great honor. Your great tips and tricks you gave me, helped me to explore not just Dublin city centre, but also Howth, Malahide and Swords. Your friendly emails I received from your organization from time to time were absolutely nice and interesting. May I again thank you for your work and let me wish all of the other interns and you all the best for the future.

Neil Leyden, Host Company, Dublin


Irish Education Partners provided us with excellent interns who approached their work with diligence and professionalism. For us, being able to tap in to international resources has brought new and different perspectives on what we are trying to achieve giving us interesting insight into the global markets that we are trying to penetrate. The interns have embraced what we are trying to achieve wholeheartedly and are a joy to deal with. It does take time to settle them in to a new environment and explain the business objectives, but this is time well worthwhile spending and pays dividends in the long run.

Jana & Daniela, Sending Partner, Germany


We have been working with IEP for several years now and really appreciate their professionalism and commitment. They are dedicated to finding the right placement for each of our students and our applicants are very happy with the personal service and support from IEP. IEP is always willing to consider even uncommon requests and works hard to accommodate the needs of each individual applicant. We look forward to a continued successful cooperation with IEP in the future!

David Russell, Host Company, Dublin


N.E.D. Training Centre has been co-operating with Irish Education Partners for over two years now. IEP have been and continue to be a pleasure to work with. All IEP staff members are helpful, reliable and utterly professional. If you want and need quality interns – contact Irish Education Partners.

Sarah Clear, Host Company, Dublin

We have been working with Irish Education Partners for the past 3 years. We have been delighted with the excellent interns who have proven a real asset to our organisation. The interns have been professional, hard working and always up to the challenge.

William Maier, Sending Partner, USA

Irish Education Partners work hard to provide our students with tailored internship experiences in a range of career fields. During the internships, IEP’s staff ensure that students receive a well-rounded cultural and professional experience in Dublin, with a broad range of support services

Jodie McDonnell, Intern, Ireland

I wanted to say thank you for all your help and assistance over the last few weeks, I enjoyed my time greatly and will forever appreciate this experience dearly. I've become more confident and more eager to take advantage of things - including seeing more of Ireland and what it has to offer. I now have a completely different perspective on life in general and also in terms of work. It has become clear that travelling isn't as impossible as I thought, and that no place is too far, no dream is too big! I don't have a single bad thing to say about any of the travel, accommodation, the work, the people, the area, everything was just fantastic.

Geraldine Saunders, Host Company, Dublin


We work closely with Irish Education Partners as a host company in placing quality students within our organisation. Irish Educational Partners provide a professional and helpful service to us and in turn have a really good feel for our company which result in the right students being matched for our needs. They really help the process and it’s a pleasure working with them, and long may it continue!

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